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What is cybercrime? • How does computer crime differ from traditional crime?

CYBR250- Week 1 Written Assignment
Provide a written response to the following questions in an essay format. You need to include at least two additional resources.

• What is cybercrime? Include both a definition along with three different examples.
• How does computer crime differ from traditional crime?
• How has the nature of crime changed as a result of pervasive technology?
• Which problems does cybercrime pose to authorities seeking to investigate it?

Submission Requirements:
• Format: Microsoft Word APA STYLE
• Font: Arial, 12-point, Double-spaced
• Citation Style: APA
• Length: 1 page (275 words)
Dear writer,
This is One-Page essay format assignment (275 words = one page, pictures, diagram, in-text citation are not counted as word count). Please provide proper citation, check punctuations, spelling, grammar and avoid using repeat words. If you need to use the textbook, please see the information below:

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