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Develop an app for mobile devices using Java and XML with the latest release of Android SDK and Eclipse.

Project 1: The Apollo virtual teacher project
This project aims at developing an android app to support teaching/learning for Nigerian students.
A guest lecture is given by the project initiator during the first term in order to give more details on the mobile app project. Here is a set of main requirements:
The app consist of a set of pre-recorded video lessons covering a given topic such as Maths, English, Economics, Physics and Chemistry.
There is a break after each lesson in the form of a simple game the student can play. Please note that the video lessons will be provided. In addition, the games can be downloaded and you are not required to implement them.
The app user should be able to study the pre-recorded material, complete a set of multiple-choice tests.
The app should provide a convenient way to check the progress of the student. Store his/her test score on the mobile device and submit them to the central server only when an internet connection is detected.
The app should also allow the user to see his progress and test score in a summary table and a graph.
The user should be able to create notes relative to each lesson. The notes should be stored on the mobile device for further consultation.
Finally, the app user should be able to see the statistics relative to a given lesson/assignment for all the students using the app in his city, region or town. For this task, you can use GPS.

Project 2
Develop an app for mobile devices using Java and XML with the latest release of Android SDK and Eclipse. You can select any idea for the type of app, so be creative!

Assignment blocks
Follow the layout below to address the requirement(s) for this assessment. A clear justification on the weighting is given as well as a clear marking scheme for the objectives’ fulfilment and grade allocation.

Block Description Weight

1. The following features are mandatory for your app, you must implement all:
– Menus (the app must have a logical structure flow).
– Ability to take a user input
– Ability to display results/output
– Dynamic UI
– Use of multimedia (e.g. audio, photo)
– You must comment your code properly.

Additionally, your app must include at least one of the following 70%.
– Interacting with other apps.
– Animations
– Google API
– Network (e.g. download data).
– Advanced math
– An advanced solution for the saving and loading of data

It is critical to design an app that is complete (not a demo). Therefore, you strongly advised to choose something achievable.

2. Develop a report covering the following basic structure as the minimum requirement.

1. App Introduction (2 pages max.)
o Introduce and explain your app.
o Including screenshots.
o Brief control description.
o Any other important information.
2. Testing (2 pages max.)
o Describe your testing methodology including any problems encountered and how they were addressed.
3. Critical Analysis and reflection (2 pages max.)
o What went wrong?
o What would you have done differently?
o How you would improve it in the future?
o What makes your app stand out?

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