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BOOK REVIEW of “An American Soldier in World War I” by George Browne.

    You will write a book review of An American Soldier in World War I. In the 3-page Book Review, you need to identify the author’s thesis and evaluate how effectively he supports it using specific examples from throughout the book. You need to use current Turabian format in the footnotes when citing your examples. See directions below for footnotes.
    The review must be a full 3-pages, double-spaced, and have margins of 1-inch. Consult and use the course’s writing tips before submitting the review. The review must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.
    Directions for footnotes:
    1) To insert footnotes into a Microsoft Word document, go to the top of the document in Microsoft Word, click on “References,” and then click on “Insert Footnote.” Microsoft Word will number the footnotes for you.
    2) The Turabian footnote format for a book is:
    George E. Browne, An American Soldier in World War I, ed. David L. Snead (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2006), 9.
    3) After you have made the first citation, you must do the following for each additional citation of the same book: Ibid., 8.
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