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In this scenario, what evidence-based organizational strategies and management skills might you employ to resolve co-worker conflict?

Need Responses done. Respond as if it were me.  150 words EACH, I scholar source EACH, APA format.

Post 1

Management of conflict in the workplace is a time-consuming endeavor which might result in poor quality care provided to patients. However, it is important that a nurse responds to conflict in time before they lead to further decline in healthcare provision (Kon et al., 2016). In this case, the conflict has already led to failure in promptness of the responding to patient needs. However, as a new nurse practitioner, it is necessary to first respond to the needs of the patient before the low blood pressure leads to other challenges.  After taking care of the patient, the nurse will then go forth to regain control of the conflicting nurses.

After attending to the dire needs of the patient, the nurse should address the prevailing conflict between members of the healthcare team.  First, it is necessary to assemble the conflicting sides and let them articulate their interests in the conflict.  After understanding the interest, the nurse will be able to identify what overlaps or reveal a possible agreement.  In most cases, the overlapping agreements outnumber disagreements which creates room for solving the problem (Archambault‐Grenier et al., 2018). The last step in managing the conflict should be the alignment of interest so that each member’s point of view is considered in the solution. Outstanding disagreement should be taken aside for future negotiations to avoid further derailment in healthcare provision.

While the prevailing challenge has been created, the practice should take steps to reduce conflict and make solving as fast as possible in future.  Propper definition of roles and responsibilities for every member of the staff is necessary to keep work-related issues low.  It is also necessary to adopt a measure to build rapport between members of staff to ensure they function as a unit (Kon et al., 2016).  Team building activities are necessary for this organization.  Secondly, a rapid protocol for dealing with conflict should be created to allow ease of management.  This will ensure that future conflict does not lead to unnecessary waste of time and negative consequences on patients.

Post 2

Discussion Question:

In this scenario, what evidence-based organizational strategies and management skills might you employ to resolve co-worker conflict? Reflect on conflict resolution strategies specifically for healthcare. How does teamwork increase patient safety? Provide evidence and rationales to support your decisions.


To resolve co-worker conflict, a meeting must be scheduled to dissect the reason for the conflict.  Solutions to the problem will be established once the conflict has been identified.  Once the problem has been determined, resolution strategies can be implemented to avoid a toxic working environment.  First, effective listening is the best way to identify the problem or person who is toxic in the area.  Next, interviewing several witnesses and co-workers will help to gather evidence of toxic behavior.  Finally, identifying the toxic person’s behavior, strength, and weakness can help determine what a leader should do next.

Not all disruptive behavior and toxemia within a workplace is doomed negative.  Some employees are either bored, not challenged, or not feel engaged in their role at work.  This is when chaos and conflict start to manifest.  It is up to the leader (NP, physicians) to observe where the toxic employee may be a fit at work.  It may be indicative to shift employees around and place them where they feel challenged and engaged best.

A strategy that could work in the absence of teamwork or work ethics is by selecting a mentor to precept the toxic employee for a designated time.  The time will allow for the preceptor and employee to work together to foster a positive working environment, work ethics, continuing patient continuity, and patient safety.  This strategy could help rebuild the office morale and cohesiveness in nursing duties and patient safety.  Overall, this strategy could increase teamwork and provide optimal patient safety. Conflict, unnecessary drama, and toxic behavior can quickly disrupt the working culture in any office making valuable employees leave.  This can cost the practice more money in hiring expenses because of training.  If this strategy is not successful, then termination would be the last option.

A second strategy would be implementing an educational workshop. By building teams to work together employees are able to brainstorm, use knowledge, and methods to help resolve issues or missions (Hackett, Renschler, & Kramer, 2014). This method can aid in developing healthier working relationships between colleages.

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