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Discuss theories of community development in the contemporary context and how they are applied for achieving social change

  • Case Study
    a) Discuss theories of community development in the contemporary context and how they are applied for achieving social change
    b) Critically examine the current debates on community development and their impact on communities
    c) Outline the complex social, political and economic interrelationships that sustain current community development practices through informed written discussion
    d) Identify and explain stages and skills associated with community development
    e) Appraise the role of advisory groups for promoting advocacy and strategic planning

    Research and choose an example of Community Development today.
    Use this example to identify, theoretically articulate & analyse as an Academic Case Study. Community Development principles and practices in action. Identify the community of focus, the principles, power roles & alliances, networking, leadership/team skills, educational initiatives, “positioning”, development of communication research development skills as well as using public awareness groups and initiatives etc. Identify evidence of the underpinning social justice ethos in their work, and the range of values, skills, and insights drawn from social theory, and academic disciplines and models of practice. Demonstratethe efficacy of their sustainability principles and practices.
    Community development workers draw on values underpinning an ethos of social justice. In their work, workers employ a range of values, skills, insights drawn from social theories and academic disciplines, and models of practice. Summarise these core Community Development Characteristics and then use examples in your case study to critically justify and discuss how it is an example of Community Development core principles and practices.
    Provide a clear academic analysis of the case study,
    Some of the topical points to consider include:
    •Principles of social justice, equitability, inclusiveness
    •Power and empowerment
    •Social, ecological and economic sustainability
    •Broader social, political, historical and economic contexts
    •Stages of community development used in the project
    •Skills employed by community developers
    •Project’s effects, outcomes. Project evaluation
    •Theories of community development which might help to explain the community development approach employed by the project/ initiative described in the case study

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