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Research Paper: Two ethnic groups and compare/ contrast the related multicultural aspects of spirituality.

Research Paper: Two ethnic groups and compare/ contrast the  related multicultural aspects of spirituality.

The annotated bibliography is a collection of a minimum of 10 one-paragraph summaries of peer-reviewed journal resources that you intend to use in the Final Paper.

1. The articles must be current or dated within the past 5 years. The ability to use resources older than 5 years is left to the discretion of the instructor.

2. Do not paste the article abstract in the paper. Annotations must be your summary of the article. The summary must include the findings of research that was included in the article.

3. Do not simply say the authors conducted a study without providing as summary of the findings.

4. Do not paste the Annotated Bibliography in the Final Paper. The Annotated Bibliography simply provides information that should contribute to the Final Paper.


1. Include the full source citation at the beginning of each summary.

2. Follow current APA formatting guidelines.

3. Provide sufficient information in the summary so that the reader knows what the article contributes to the Final Paper. For example, if you mention a study, then include a summary of the relevant findings. To say, “The authors conducted a study” without an explanation of what they found offers no information.

4. List the sources alphabetically according to the first author’s last name.

5. Include a title page.

6. Sources must be current or within the past 5 years.

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