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Write a 4 essay in which you analyze one source of intercultural tension in the UNITES STATES today.

  • Write a 4 essay in which you analyze one source of intercultural tension in the UNITES STATES today. Therefore, you must first describe the two cultural group (identities) that you are examining and then discuss the tensions that exist between

These two groups for the purposes of this assignment you MUST examine how history and communication or language impact this tension. Regarding your evidence,

You MUST conduct an informal interview with at least one person from each group that you are discussing and include this information in your essay. (if you yourself share the identity of one of the cultural groups, you only have to conduct one interview; you don’t have to interview yourself”). Aside from the interviews, no additional outside research is required. However, you may use information from the text or any other source but to cite    material from a source.

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