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To evaluate if professional actors have similar or a specific approach when it comes to acting for screen and for theatre. Do they use the a similar academic side of acting techniques to approach each piece of text for the both areas. Also how are they different but still related to there acting techniques?

What is Acting?

Acting is the process in which a story normally a script is told by means of information by an actor or actress who adopts a character in theatre , TV, radio.

Research questions

How specific are acting techniques towards acting for stage and camera?

What are the academic studies in terms of approaching acting for stage different compared to camera ?

What are the specific acting approaches to acting for stage different from acting for camera?

Does acting  for stage have similar techniques when acting for camera?

Research Value

Collecting information and focusing on the similar techniques about acting for screen/stage can help professional actors in training understanding the key elements when audition and performing the two affectively when giving the chance.

It is important that actors understand that acting for camera and stage both required different skills and equally have different ways of approaching them.

I plan to accomplish on how these techniques are different and how actors can use similar techniques to help them when performing on stage and camera.


Mel Churcher ( 2011) stated that for many actors in training can really adapt or sometimes understand that acting for film is complete different from acting on stage. They have similar Elements but are complete different when performing for them in the acting industry today.

In 2018 today there is  not as much research available to discus about the similarities, and the specific acting approaches when preparing for screen and stage. Josh Mathews ( 2003 ) book about the stages of film/tv briefly touches on the similarities of acting for camera and stage. Mel Churcher book Acting for film explains how acting has a similar rhyme when compared to stage.


I understand that I wont be able to travel around all of Scotland so my study will be limited. So the best method I can find out my case to look for factual information from authors and practitioners from online. Also find out information at my local area on how actors approach film/stage.


Stanislavski’s system is a system approach to training actors that the Russian developed in the first half of the 20th century. Stanislavski was the first in the West to propose that actor training should involve something more than merely physical and vocal training. His system cultivates what he calls the “art of experiencing” (with which he contrasts the “art of representation “).It mobilises the actor’s conscious thought and will in order to activate other, less-controllable psychological processes—such as emotional experience and subconscious behaviour—sympathetically and indirectly. In rehearsal, the actor searches for inner motives to justify action and the definition of what the character seeks to achieve at any given moment.


In my research I will conduct several interviews  of actors in training, professional actors who have worked on stage and tv and see what there approaches are how they are similar to both fields of work. Also to see if they use similar acting methods and approach both fields of the same but have a method of changing it when working for stage and film.


Watching screen actors behind the screen before they begin there work can  help get a real insight on how they warm up approach there work. Being able to see and observe will help me understand and gather information on how it comes when actors and actresses work and see first hand how they use there techniques to help them work. It is similar to stage. Before going on stage behind the curtain you can see how an actor is planning to perform and the tools that he has learned to act stage. By observing local shows and short films I will be able too gather information on how actors work and I will find there different or similar methods  when acting on stage or film how they make it work for them as  actors.








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