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Write a 2,500 word individual report containing your costed plans for an event.

You are required to write a 2,500 word individual report containing your costed plans for an event. You will initially be put into groups to conduct the research for the event. You will then be expected to write and submit an individual report for this assessment. The event type is to be decided upon by you and your group and it has to be hosted at the Metro Bar, Luton Campus, University of Bedfordshire. The Metro Bar has a capacity for a maximum of 200 people.
In the report, you are expected to include:
i. Your marketing strategy – this must include details of the Marketing Mix, as related to your chosen event
ii. Your human resource requirements – this must include details of the various staff required for the event and their roles/responsibilities, including staff required for the pre-event activities (such as promotion) to post-event activities (such as cleaning)
iii. Your financial details – this must include details of all the costs involved in the whole organisation and running of the event. You must also provide details of your break-even point
You will be expected to justify all the decisions that you make regarding the above criteria in your report.
For more information about the Metro Bar and the types of events it currently hosts: https://www.bedssu.co.uk/main-nav/shops-venues/the-metro-bar-kitchen

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