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Risk, Return, and Stock Valuation for my four investment companies

Look up the following information about your four companies on Yahoo Finance, Investing.com, Morningstar, or a similar page:
The current stock prices
The stock prices five years ago
The dividend yield for each stock
The beta for each stock
Look up the current three-month treasury bill rate on Fidelity’s Fixed Income page
Now do the following calculations with this information:
Calculate the average annual capital gain or loss (stock price change) over the last five years. Calculate the percentage change from five years ago, and divide by five. For example, if the stock price increased from 50 to 100 in five years, the percentage increase would be 100% and the average annual gain would be 20% (100 divided by 5). Which of these companies has the highest or lowest capital gain?
Now estimate the average total return, which is the capital gain plus dividends. If the dividend yield is 2%, then the average total return would be 22% in the example above. Which of these four companies has the highest or lowest total return? Does the order change?
Finally, calculate the Treynor Ratio. First, take the total return for each of your four companies and subtract the three-month treasury bill rate (the “risk-free rate”). Then divide this by the beta of each company. This ratio is a measure of the risk-adjusted return of each stock. The higher the return, the higher the Treynor Ratio. But the higher the beta (which is a measure of risk), the lower the Treynor Ratio. Which of your companies has the highest or lowest risk-adjusted return? Does the order change from what you found in 1) and 2) above?
Submit a one-page memo in Word summarizing your findings, and include an Excel file with your data and calculations.
Investment companies and amount invested:
Name of company Stock name with NASDAQ Amout of Investment
Northrop Grumman NOC $5,000.00
Amazon AMZN $5,000.00
IBM IBM $5,000.00
Crispr Therapeutics AG CRSP $5,000.00

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