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Psychology and the Mass media

Select 10 advertisements or commercials that illustrate persuasion techniques that are discussed in the course. Select as wide a range of techniques as is possible.
Write a report that includes the following:
An introduction that describes the rationale and purpose of the project, and the structure of this project.
The method used to collect data; for example, how the advertisements or commercials are selected.
For each advertisement or commercial, describe the persuasion technique used. Explain how a particular persuasion technique or techniques are used in the ad. For example, some advertisements capitalize on fear while others appeal to expert advice. Keep in mind that the persuasive appeal is not limited to written words, but includes how the product is displayed visually. Remember to attach the advertisements or a recording of the commercials, or computer screen shots of the advertisements or the website addresses with your assignment.
A brief discussion of the effectiveness of each of these techniques, taking into consideration the target population.
A brief conclusion and a description of the limitations of this project.
Write a 100- to 150-word summary (the abstract) of your course project. The abstract should appear at the beginning of your report.

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