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Sustainability in Charity Investments in Hong Kong: a possible way forward

Paper Details:-

1. Please read the full document of attachment A. Analysis paper writing instructions and marking criteria on page 5. Most importantly, the description of the sections required AND the marking criteria (highlighted yellow). Please write and match the criteria of achieving A or B+ as I am targeting a grade A or B+ for this project hence writing skills are of utmost importance.

2. Please use the following 3 papers and I have also attached another 6 papers for your reference – for literature review section and references

Kreander, N., Beattie, V. and McPhail, K. (2006). UK charity ethical investment. London: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Hellsten, S. and Mallin, C. (2006). Are ‘Ethical’ or ‘Socially Responsible’ Investments Socially Responsible?. Journal of Business Ethics, 66(4), pp.393-406.

Kreander, N., Beattie, V. and McPhail, K. (2009). Putting our money where their mouth is: Alignment of charitable aims with charity investments – Tensions in policy and practice. The British Accounting Review, 41(3), pp.154-168.

3. You may feel free to quote any other papers as well.

4. Please use as many charts or graphic as possible. I have also attached two “A” grade example papers for your reference and please skim throught and make sure this product (Analysis Paper) align with the format with the Example paper

5. Total words of the papers will be 3000 words (plus 300 words for Bibliography, please use Harvard Referencing)

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