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Beverage Production, Food and Beverage Service

1) Read the stimulus material provided and clearly identify the task.

2) Formulate Questions which will explore the main issues using the scaffolding (Sheet attached)

3) Research information pertaining to the issue, looking at its significance to the Hospitality
Industry. Use a variety of sources of data, both primary and secondary.

4) You are required to choose the specific genre, then investigate the issue.

5) Select and evaluate relevant information to synthesize a cohesive response.

6) Develop arguments and draw conclusions, provide anecdotal evidence -justifying your
opinions using your research.

7) Make recommendations and predict future trends as to how the Industry may
effectively deal with the issue.

8) Use appropriate referencing and appendices.

9) Communicate your findings in a logical, coherent form addressing all language, conventions,
grammar, spelling and punctuation. A full draft must be submitted by the date given.

10) Include a complete bibliography/reference list.

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