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Do the moods and emotions of people around you influence your emotional state? How do you “catch” other people’s emotions and “spread” your emotions?

Leading and Building Team Cohesion

This week we’ll look at the importance of leadership and team cohesion. In order to have an effective team, trust must be built throughout, otherwise performance will suffer.

Hello all and Welcome to Module two week two leading and building team cohesion. And this week we’re gonna look at essentially leading a team and how individuals within the group can become leaders as well as those that are formerly leading the group to be as cohesive as possible because cohesion leads to being able to work together, develop relationships that can lead to team effectiveness and ultimately at the end of the day the goal of any team is to reach their objectives and in order to reach their objectives they have to be able to work together. So we’ll look at and explore different concepts and notions to that. Have a great week and if you do have any questions please post them to the question for all the best.

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to:

  1. Recognize the difference between leadership and management.
  2. Discuss how to ensure power distribution is spread throughout the team through a discussion forum.
  3. Explain how group trust is developed and nurtured.

Read textbook chapter 3 – Leading Teams and chapter 2 – Team Cohesion and Trust.

Watch the video below ‘How to keep your team motivated’.

Watch the video below ‘Five behaviors of a Cohesive Team’.

Complete the [specific activities below]





Respond to the questions in the forum below. After you post a response, you will be able to see other responses from your group. Your are required to post your original responses by Thursday, midnight and at least two responses to other students posts by Sunday, midnight.


  1. Consider the different leadership styles outlined in this chapter 3 of the textbook. What are some of the representative behaviors associated with each style of leadership? What are some of the benefits and drawbacks to each particular style?
  2. What skills, behaviors, and personality traits are common to transformational leaders? How does this leadership style affect their teams, and how are those results different from those of a transactional leadership style?
  3. Do the moods and emotions of people around you influence your emotional state? How do you “catch” other people’s emotions and “spread” your emotions? Why is this process called emotional contagion?
  4. How do people who work together as a team mutually shape one another’s behavior?
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