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Evaluation Essay: Maus by Art Spiegelman

Evaluation Assignment: Essay 2
Final Draft:
Write 3-4 full pages on the topic below. All drafts must be typed, double-spaced,
have standard one-inch margins, and be in 12-point Times New Roman font.
Black ink only. Paper format (including textual citations) should follow MLA style. If you
have a question regarding formatting, please see the Owl@Purdue. You are required to
include a “Works Cited” page at the end of your essay.
Draft Requirements: This class values the writing process of invention, drafting,
revision, editing, and reflection. You are thus required to turn in the assigned, polished
working draft + outline, and final draft on the dates above.
Essay Topic :
Rhetorically evaluate the graphic novel you chose to read, and evaluate its rhetorical
situation. Your thesis must address the following two questions:
1. What is the author’s purpose in writing the novel? Part of this may be
inferred by you, while other parts should rely on outside evidence such as
interviews with, or articles by the author.
2. What effect does the medium (graphic novel) have on the story? You may
want to discuss other mediums (film/play) the author has used to tell this
story, or other mediums that the author considered.
Other Requirements:
1. You must cite at least two sources in making your argument. One source will
be the graphic novel. The other will be from a reliable source that supports
your argument.
The purpose of this assignment is two-fold: 1) it will prepare you to evaluate sources, an
important skill for our next essay and 2) it will teach you how to be a better and more
engaged reader.


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