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Define the problem from marketing perspective and decision-making perspective.



Subject: Market Research

Germany’s largest food delivery web portal, , which boasts over 11,000 partner restaurants, recently announced that it has started accepting bitcoin for payments. The company is owned by one of the largest online food ordering websites in the world, (Helms, 2017). Although, by paying with bitcoin the company does not charge any additional costs – Paying with credit cards and Paypal, however, will incur a fee of 6%, according to – the number of customers using bitcoin payment are not significant.

In this regard, the company asked you as an external marketing consultant to check if this method of payment would be adopted more by the new generation, what are the challenges and how the company could facilitate and speed up the adoption process.

In this case, you decided to run a market research-survey to fulfill the objectives of this project.

• Please write a research proposal

• Please provide a comprehensive background for the research

• Please define the problem from marketing perspective and decision-making perspective.

• Please design a main research question and objectives for this task

• Please explain how you would identify and recruit your participants.

• Please design your questionnaire to collect data.

• Please elaborate one data analysis method

• Please use graphs and figures to support your arguments.

• Please design a project timeline

Words: 3000 words

Writing Style: APA

Reference: Minimum 10 academic sources

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