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Is the composition dynamic? What adds to the quality of the composition?

Discussion 6: Divided Self

Draw in your texture, paying attention to contour, value, and mark. The size of your texture should vary based on the contours, and the value should also vary based on the overall form.
Pay attention to relative value – meaning that in areas of shadow, the value pattern within your texture will be darker overall, and in areas of highlight, the value pattern of your texture will be lighter overall.
Post finished final drawing to the discussion board.
Response Post
Respond to at least 4 peers, answering the following questions:
Is the composition dynamic? What adds to the quality of the composition?
How is the texture and figure integrated?
Does the texture feel dimensional, like you can imagine what it feels like?
What are your assumptions about this person based on the texture they have used?
What is the most successful component of the drawing? Where is an area that you are particularly intrigued by? What is the visual quality that creates or adds to that component? Use appropriate visual vocabulary.
What area could be improved? What visual quality detracts from the overall drawing? Use appropriate visual vocabulary.

Student examples provided by teacher: https://padlet.com/jessie_vanderlaan/drawingfinalprojects

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