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What is the message communicated to the consumer?

Advertising Evaluation
Product Name:
1. Deconstruction of Nonverbal Behavior
A. Facial Expression
B. Body Posture, Body Language, Touch
C. Gestures
D. Focus
i. Youth
ii. Sexual Allure
iii. Flawless
iv. Good looking/Beautiful
2. Deconstruction of Copy
A. Analyze headline, subheads, written description
B. What is the message communicated to the consumer?
C. Is there a double meaning? Contrast literal meaning with implied, actual, or assumed
3. Marketing Analysis
A. Magazine title and date
E. Where is the ad placed in the magazine?
4. Artistic Composition Analysis
A. What is the visual message or meaning?
B. Colors
C. What color combinations is used and why?
D. What color is dominant and why?
E. Composition
F. What type of font is used and why?
5. Narrative
B. Present
C. Future
Write a three–part story that narrates what happens before the frames frozen in the ad.
What is happening in the ad, and what is likely to happen in the immediate future. The
story should be consistent with, yet expand, what is displayed in the ad.
6. How the ad works
A. Sales response
B. Persuasion
C. Involvement
D. Awareness (Differentiate from other brands)
E. Emotions (Brand loyalty)
F. Likeability (Like story/entertaining ad = Like brand)
G. Symbolism (Cultural metaphors, etc.)

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