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Explain one way that engineers have privilege in our society.

A healthy hip joint is shown on the left in the figure below. The hip joint is susceptible to degradation either through traumatic injuries or arthritis. If the damage is too severe, an artificial hip replacement can be implanted to restore the proper functions of the hip. A typical hip replacement is shown on the right.
⦁ State which components in the hip joint serve to accomplish the two main functions of the hip. How do these anatomical components accomplish these functions?
⦁ Biomedical engineers reverse engineered the hip joint to create the implant shown on the right. Identify and describe how the components of the implant serve to replace the hip’s main functions.
⦁ Circle whether each statement is true or false about clarifying questions. Then, explain why each statement is true or false.
F They help broaden your design space
T F They are asked before reframing the problem
T F These should be simple yes/no questions
T F “What is the climate like in San Diego?” is an appropriate clarifying question
⦁ Provide a reason why safety would typically be considered to be an objective rather than a constraint?
⦁ [3 pts] What was the failure that caused the Hyatt Regency Disaster?
⦁ Too many people were crowded onto the platform during a party.
⦁ The hotel was hastily built, which caused some key components to be left out of the construction stage of the structure.
⦁ A last-minute change resulted in overloading of the upper platform’s threaded nuts.
⦁ The chief engineer did not have adequate licensure to sign off on the design.
⦁ All of the above
⦁ Which of the following is correct about the term “intersectionality”?
⦁ It is a theory that leads in-groups/ out-groups to discriminate against each other.
⦁ It is a framework used to describe the differences between each individual’s experiences.
⦁ It describes the values important to each individual.
⦁ It is a theory that originates from anthropology.
⦁ [1 pt each] Circle whether the following statements are examples of personal (P) or social identity (S).
⦁ “I identify as Mexican American, although many
people tell me that I don’t look Mexican.” P or S
⦁ “Engineers are professionals who build technology.” P or S
⦁ “I am so forgetful, just like my siblings.” P or S
⦁ “Teenager boys are so reckless.” P or S
⦁ “Not all men are like that.” P or S
⦁Provide at least two reasons why social identity needs to be considered instead of personal identity in conversations about privilege and oppression.
⦁ Which of the following is NOT true about the concept of privilege?
⦁ Privilege is only available to particular groups of people.
⦁ Privilege allows some people with specific identity characteristic to live without a negative bias.
⦁ Privilege changes depending on the social context of a country or culture.
⦁ Privilege is granted to people who work the hardest.
⦁ Name two social constructions that provide privilege in today’s society. Give an example of a situation where these social constructions provide privilege.
⦁ Explain broadly what human-centered design is and why it is important.
⦁ Explain what social constructions are and how they relate to privilege and social identity.
⦁ Explain one way that engineers have privilege in our society.
⦁ Explain how engineering innovations can provide advantages to specific groups.
⦁Explain how engineering innovations can provide disadvantages to specific groups.

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