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What gender differences characterizes Asian American groups? What are some of the important ways in which the experiences of women and men vary?

Ethnic Studies

Write a small report

Read and answer the following questions

Chapter 9 Asian Americans

Another example of group diversity is the Asian American community that is made up of numerous groups, cultures, languages, and history in the U.S. These groups have a variety of faiths from Buddhism to Confucianism, Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity. Cultural traits “tend to stress group membership, kinship relations, sensitivity to the opinions and judgement of others,” This is different from our American cultural traits and values. Like many world cultures, “traditional Asian cultures are male dominated, and women were consigned to subordinate roles.” (our textbook). All these traits would change to some degree through assimilation like the third and fourth generation for a group like the Japanese Americans. Asian cultures stress the importance of maintaining respect, good opinions, avoid shame, and public humiliation, and uphold honor. Asians believe in Anglo conformity and hard work, while retaining their culture (pluralism). Chinese women are faithful and serve their husband and eldest son. Women under Confucianism had four virtues: chastity, obedience, shyness, and pleasing demeanor, and skills in domestic duties. There are other experiences that the Chinese and Japanese experience in labor and labor unions, they are part of the U.S. labor history from 1849 to the present. They would experience policies like the “Alien Act.” Quota Act 1917, Gentlemen Agreement Act, the 1924 immigration act, and many others. Like many chapters, Asian American SES will be discussed in the last part of the chapter. Don’t forget to study the “model minority” arguments.

Chapter 10 New Immigrants

Chapter 10 profiles the new immigrants using a variety of factors based on: country of origin-developed (rich) or underdevelopment (poor), are they from a rural area or urban areas? Language conflict? Class background? skilled or unskilled? education? profession? Religion? Reasons for leaving their country?Do they experience prejudice and discrimination? This week’s report questions cover all the issues that the lecture covered. We want to find out what the new immigrant experience are like. When you have time, or for another class, find out all the categories that people get their immigration designation categories-DACA, refugees status, Visa category-daily workers, student visa’s, visitor visa, and many others.

Select one of the following questions. Be sure to include your name, question number, and date. Your report should be 1 1/2 pages in length.

  1. Asian Americans are widely thought of as being successful in the U.S. How accurate is this portrait of the “Model minority?” What would be your finding in comparing what is good or bad about the model minority?
  2. Does the history of Japanese Americans and Chinese American contain any lessons for other minority groups? Have these groups found a pathway to “success” that could be followed Native American Indians, or African Americans or the Latinx community? Why or why not?
  3. Describe the cultural characteristics of Asian American groups and explain how these characteristics shaped relations with the larger U.S. society?
  4. What gender differences characterizes Asian American groups? What are some of the important ways in which the experiences of women and men vary? How do you think young Asian American women are changing, or not, their status in American society?
  5. In the beginning of chapter 10, “how will the new wave of immigrants transform the United States? What do these new immigrants contribute to the United States? What does you chapter say about undocumented immigrants, do they cost the U.S. money to have them here, what does the chapter say? What can you say about their approach to assimilation?
  6. Describe the differences and similarities of the Dominicans, Salvadorans, and Colombians in terms of education, income, language, and poverty? In your opinion, how are Central Americans looked upon in the U.S. today? (Separation of children)
  7. Discuss what is meant by push/pull? How does this work in our economic cycle’s?
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