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Design a network for a luxury residence hall that will serve honor students at the University of Houston

Designing a Network

MAIN DETAILS: Design a network for a luxury residence hall that will serve honor students at the University of Houston. The residence will be eight floors, with a total of 162 two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments on floors 3–8. The first floor has an open lobby with a seating area and separate office area, whereas the second floor has meeting rooms. Floors 1 and 2 are smaller than the upper floors (100 feet by 70 feet)because a parking garage is built around the outside of these floors. The measurement of the third to eight floors is 240 by 150 feet. The offices and server room on the first floor is for the university’s residence hall administration, which manages all the university’s residences. One design goal is to keep this network as separate as possible from the network in the rest of the building to provide greater security.


  1. Design the LANs for the first floor and second floor only, the distribution layer backbone that will connect the different floors in the building, and the part of the network that will connect to the campus core backbone. So what is needed in this first part of the project are maps of the first three floors in Visio or a similar program following the below instructions and documentation for the subnets to explain the maps.

Specify where the network equipment would be placed (use the floor plans provided). The required maps for your design are listed inside the CIS3347 file. The design must contain the type of cables, name of the devices, Wi-Fi channels, IPs, subnets, connections, and other related information for the physical topologies.

Document the subnets for the first floor, per LAN, and per access – secured or guest. Plan carefully when listing the CIDR ranges for each subnet. The recommendation is to use the provided reference tables when deciding the ranges for your subnets.


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