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How can we define the terms “women’s studies?” What does that mean to you now?


Now that we are at the conclusion of the course, let’s revisit our initial DB prompt during week 1. In that prompt, we defined the concept of “women’s studies” or “women’s realities” that we all individually had before studying this material intensively. Now, eight weeks later, let’s compare our insight now to the insight we had then. Address the following:

  1. How can we define the terms “women’s studies?” What does that mean to you now? Has this perception changed in your mind, compared to what you believed it to be in week 1? Or is it the same? Explain fully.
  2. Again, comparing your perceptions today to those you had in week 1, do you think the term “women’s studies” and any others associated with it (such as feminism, for example), has a positive or negative connotation? Give specific examples and explain fully.
  3. Based on what you learned this term, is it important that we study this particular topic in detail during our university education experience? Why or why not? Explain fully and give examples. What, if anything, can we hope to learn by studying these concepts in detail?
  4. Have your opinions about any of the items we have discussed this term changed during our course? If so, why? If not, why not? Did you learn new concepts that you were unaware of before? If so, which made the strongest impression on you?


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