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What would be your part in contributing to a positive work environment with your coworkers?

Discussion 13


Communicating for success is vital for success in the workplace. This discussion is about emotional intelligence and the positive effects at work.
As you studied the chapter on emotions, it is important to manage emotions according to role expectations and social norms (page 235 in textbook).

The goal is to create positive emotions (see page 254 in textbook) that create positive feelings when interacting with coworkers and customers alike. Additionally, include aspects of expressing emotions effectively as discussed on pages 238-242 of textbook.

Only use textbook and personal examples for this assignment.

  • For this discussion, the “student must post before seeing replies” has been activated, which means that you must contribute your idea before you can see what other have posted.
  • Make sure to post full entry for first posting to get potentially full credit.

Contribute your initial post to our discussion by Thursday, 11:59 p.m. In your post please include the following:

  1. What would be your part in contributing to a positive work environment with your coworkers? If you do not have work experience, discuss positive emotions you experienced that you might have had participating on a sports team or in a volunteer capacity such as a fundraising event.
  2. What nonverbal messages (body movements, tone of voice, eye contact, smiling) can you send that would create an enriching emotional environment. Ultimately, what strategies would you use to create your ‚Äúdream job?”
    Remember, arguably we all might have had in some way or another unsatisfactory experiences in the workplace but the focus in this discussion is on creating and maintaining a positive and polite work environment.
  3. Your primary post needs to be 220-250 words and contributes specific ideas to the conversation.


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