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Choose a current story from the news media that presents a moral or ethical issue.


Choose a current story from the news media that presents a moral or ethical issue. All information about the story must be in the public domain. The write up will include an overview of the story, the moral or ethical dilemma and a discussion of the information from an ethical point of view. The conclusion should include possible resolutions for preventative actions that could be taken in the future. CAN NOT BE A DISCRIMINATION PROBLEM. 2 PAGES MINIMUM

Ethics Current Event

Is the paper in APA format? (1” margins, 12 pt font, double spaced)

Are the references in APA format?

Are there spelling and/or grammar issues? Typos?

Did the student do the following?

  • Write an overview of the details of the story.
  • Specify the moral or ethical dilemmas.
  • Discuss the story from an ethical decision making point of view.
    • Identify (objectively) any ambiguous features of facts that could be misinterpreted or perceived differently.
    • Confront any emotions and feelings associated with the matter.
    • Consciously confront any sacrifices or hardships that different decisions will cause to the different people involved.
    • Consider cultural issues
    • Look at other perspectives and discuss this with other people in their lives
  • Discuss their point of view and look at their personal bias in this matter?
  • Offer possible resolutions or preventive actions.
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