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What are the five categories of research methods-Differentiate between Quantitative vs. Qualitative research.

Assignment Question(s): (Marks 15)

Question 1: The correct and complete sequence of steps in conducting research is as follows:

1.Identify broad area,

2.Select topic,

3.Decide approach,

4.Formulate plan,

5.Collect information,

6.Analyze data,

7.Present findings.

Using our Saudi Digital library (SDL) you should find two papers in accounting field and determine for each paper the steps described above. [4 marks]

  Paper 1 Paper 2
1.The broad area of the paper    
2.The topic    
3.Approach used    
4.Data source    
5. Data analysis    

Question 2: Write a description of the research problem you propose to investigate and explain why you chose this topic. [2 marks]

Question 3: What should be considered in developing a good research idea? [2 marks]

Question 4: What are the five categories of research methods?[2mark]

Question 5: Differentiate between Quantitative vs. Qualitative research. [2.5 mark]


Question 6: Define ANOVA and Regression Analysis

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