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Create a page to register new users. Validate the fields before inserting new data into user table.

PHP Question

Items marked in orange are the new tasks.

  1. Using mysql client
  • A. Create a database named Supermarket. Change the password.
  • B. Create a table named grocery in the supermarket database. Grocery table should have the following information : itemname, itemtype(i.e fruit or vegetable), item description, price per unit, quantity available. Use appropriate data type for each of the columns. Itemname should be the primary key.

2.Create a php page through which you can connect to the grocery database and you can insert information into the grocery table.

  • The php page displays an interface , texboxes for itemname , textfield for item description, radio button for item type, text box for unit price , text box for quantity available and a submit button. Both the inteface page and the page handling should be in the same php script.
  • Once you click the submit button the php file should first validate the data types inserted. After successfully adding a row of information the same php page should show a confirmation message about successful information in the table.
  • Make all the texboxes, texfields and the radio buttons used for item-type sticky.

3.Create a page in your website that will show the items in the grocery table.

  • The grocery items should be displayed in multiple pages. Each page will show 5 items. There should be links to previous page , next page ….
  • Sort the grocery items by name, price, type and amount by clicking the column headings
  • Add options on the page to delete records from the grocery table. Also add option to edit records in the grocery table.

4.Create a table named users in the supermarket database. It will have username , email address, password field. Registration date will be added to the table automatically.

  • Create a page to register new users. Validate the fields before inserting new data into user table.
  • Create another page to change password. Validate against the old password to change to new password.

5.Make a login and logout page use cookies or session to



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