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describe to the investment(s) that you will make with those proceeds.

Investment Decision Project

Your new employer has granted you a $100,000 bonus that requires that you invest the funds within 1- week of receiving the bonus. Your assignment is to describe to  the investment(s) that you will make with those proceeds. You may assume that you cannot use the funds for a minimum of 30 years but you must describe the factors that led you to this decision. Your current investment choice(s) does not have to be for the entire 30 years but you cannot use the funds during that time. Your choice of investments must be in a security that is registered with the Security Exchange Commission (for the most part, this means that it is publicly traded). Your analysis should not be limited to the following factors but may help you get started with the process:

  • The potential economic, political and geopolitical considerations, regulatory, and environmental factors that we anticipate for the next 4 or more years.
  • The other investments that you may currently own (fictitious or real are ok).
  • Future secular economic trends that you believe to be important.

Think of this assignment as part of a job interview process where you must demonstrate your knowledge of finance as well as the ability to use that knowledge in an investment situation.
This is an individual assignment so you should not consult anyone about this analysis. Duplicate or similar submissions will be graded down.

Your answer to this question should be limited to 1-page, using 11-point font. The portion of your answer that extends beyond that limit will not count toward your grade.


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