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Discuss a social psychology theory or principle-Write a section in which you use the theory or principle to either understand or solve the problem

Social Psychology (PSYC 332)

This third application paper follows the same format as the first two, but choose a different problem, and a different social psychological theory. Your assignment is to write a short (~3 pages, or 900 words) APA-style paper in which you discuss a pressing social problem, summarize a social psychological theory, and describe how this theory could be (or has been) applied to help understand or solve this problem. These papers are worth 50 points each.

Start your paper by describing a pressing social problem (~1 page) and provide at least one reference. In summarizing the nature of the problem, make sure to link the cause of the problem to human behavior. Be as specific as possible. For example, rather than talking about “environmental problems”, it’s better to focus on just one problem such as the availability of fresh water, and even better, the availability of fresh drinking water in California. Make sure to link the problem to human behavior, for example the large amount of fresh water that is used for outdoor irrigation, such as watering grass.

As a starting point, here’s a short list of possible problems, but feel free to choose others that are not included in the list below:
• Environmental problems, such as climate change, species extinction, depletion of natural materials, water pollution, overpopulation, …
• Poverty and economic disparities, prejudice, discrimination, obesity, homelessness
• Educational disparities, unemployment, racial and gender inequality
• Violence and aggression, bullying
• Conflicts in relationships, divorce, child abuse, sex trafficking, dating violence
• Substance use and abuse, vaping, smoking, binge drinking, impaired driving

Second, discuss a social psychology theory or principle (~1 page). You’re free to draw on any theory or principle discussed in class, or in your course readings. Make sure to describe the details of the theory, and include at least one reference. Examples of social psychological theories from this section of the course include: conformity, normative beliefs, obedience, social identity theory, persuasion, elaboration likelihood model, sleeper effect, attitude inoculation, reactance, compliance, self-determination theory, mindset, entitativity, social facilitation, social loafing, deindividuation, ostracism, wise interventions, ostracism, groupthink.

Finally, write a section in which you use the theory or principle to either understand or solve the problem (~1 page). It’s also appropriate here to describe a previous attempt to address the problem, and discuss whether it was effective or ineffective. Include at least one reference.

To summarize: Your paper should be ~3 pages in length, with at least 3 references. The paper should be written in APA style. Each paper will be worth 50 points, and will be graded based on five criteria: organization and clarity, APA-style, social issue, social psychological theory, and application. The grading rubric that I’ll use to score these papers is available in Cougar Courses


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