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Discuss the project, including the name of the project, the Architect and the Consultants, the Owner’s,


A Construction Project Case Study

Term Research Paper Overview:

The topic of this term’s paper will be “A Construction Project Case Study.” This can either be an international, national or local construction project. The object of the paper will be to select a major construction project, either presently under construction, or built, preferably, within the last 10 years, by a company of the students choice and approved by the instructor and generally discuss the project, including the name of the project, the Architect and the Consultants, the Owner’s, a complete description of the structure being built, the project delivery system being utilized, and construction related issues, especially with respect to the country in which the project is located. Such issues, at a minimum, should include whether the project is in the public or private sector, building codes being utilized, the jurisdiction in which the building permit has been granted and specific challenges represented by local requirements and restrictions. Of special interest would be any problems that were solved by methods that were different or unique from those commonly used in the U.S., especially through the cooperation of international teams, and how this affected your outlook toward the tenets of global citizenship, as articulated in class. Information must also be provided about the construction company building the project, including a brief history of the company, how long it has been in existence, how many employees overall, how many offices and employees per office, the type and volume of work they do and what makes the company unique.


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