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What is your analysis of the reputation and quality of the publication?-How many sources were cited and how many times was this source itself cited?

Final Written Report

The essay should be between 6-8 pages double spaced but can be longer if needed to accomplish your argument for the chosen thesis. Your essay will contain citations to many articles and must have at least seven (7) quality scholarly sources just included in the specific chronological review from the NJIT database representing an article from each year 2018 through 2022 and two additional ones that are most significant outside of the 5 chosen to represent the field over time. These must all support your main theme in the literature review in the specific section in addition to those needed for the other areas of the essay. Be sure to provide proper in-text citations with full citation at the end in a reference page. To assist, the following breakdown is provided for required sections of the work with description:

The document linked below assists with your database analysis and is needed for you to complete the information listed below under the headings.

  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQFXfUtCzRXdE83MbjdFpMSTlYbWqvov6lmcJ-J9lZgDyW6b3HwMdj5FWx1lbdw1Q/pub

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Following the steps provided in the document above will allow you to more easily generate the needed content to produce the essay with the following sections.

  1. Introduction
    Open your essay with a clear, concise definition of the scenario in which you will be exploring the concept of expertise related to some larger discipline. Then, explain your perspective on the specific aspect of this general domain you chose to examine with the chronological literature review. This will provide the reader a sense of the main theme you focused upon and the factors that are related to it. You are setting up the area of interest that the literature review will explore based on what you found for keywords and in the articles you will present with the chronological review. You should end this section with a clear concise argumentative statement followed by a description of how the paper unfolds to cover the subsequent content.

Your message in this section should be introducing the audience to your area of expertise based on your own background and the choices you made as you narrowed the overall field as well as within the more detailed areas that the field contains. Be sure to include definitions of key terms or ideas.

NOTE: you can assume everyone knows the four areas of expertise discussed, however if your field has some highly relevant details within these, for example, some practical knowledge related to your search, feel free to define that. You may wish to add a subsection for definitions, background, etc.

  1. Particular Background
    This section must describe the four components of expertise-theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge, technical skills and non-technical skills- you identify as essential to being an expert in the defined field and area of specialization. Then explain the choice of search terms and other narrowing factors you used to develop the literature review for some aspect of expertise within the scope of your discipline. Provide the sentences you created for step 1 and 2. Then insert your keyword analysis table along with an explanation of your findings. (The steps are described in the linked page above) Next, explain the common thread you identified in the scholarly articles generated by your search and refined by your analysis. This essential literature relates back to the central message of why this topic is vital to you as an expert in your field. Explain the rationale for why that is a major theme and how it ties your investigation together connected back to your original domain.

NOTE: this may be due to the significance of the topic, the prominence of the source or author, the number of other articles cited, or even just a relevance to your own experiences. Clearly and completely explain the rationale with elaboration, detailed support, and examples. Properly cite all content with in-text citations and a works cited page.

  1. Chronological Review of Literature
    This section begins with your chronological literature review for at least five (5) scholarly sources from the NJIT database (1 from each year 2018-2022). The analysis of each article for the years 2018-2022 needs to explain the major argument of the article, its conclusion and how it ties to the thread of the review. This will set the stage for the assertion of the theme of the literature review you have identified as an expert reviewing the literature.

Next, you must explicitly state the theme you are exploring and how it ties back to your thesis and the domain. For example, if you had the field of Electrical Engineering and were in the domain of circuit design, you might investigate research articles related to new design technologies as a theme. As you investigated, you would identify a wide range of articles and topics from which a subset might focus on a particular skill or program vital to this domain. A thread of articles discussing this would then provide the essential arguments that exist for the experts working to master the field and gain expertise.

  1. Article description of quality and significance.
    Once this storyline of the history of a narrow theme is presented, the literature review must present at least two (2) articles of major significance tied to the theme described by those articles. Typically, these articles are comprehensive in nature and/or foundational to the work discussed in the theme. These articles can be from outside the narrow date range and must not be the ones included in the five used for the chronological study. Explain the significance of the article, the quality of its conclusions and the trustworthiness of the author and publisher. The following questions in each subsection must be answered for each article you chose as significant. This demonstrates your expertise in analyzing the findings of other experts and synthesizing it into a coherent thread for others. When analyzing each article, you will need to research beyond the content provided in the article to describe its quality and the trustworthiness of the content, the authors, and the source. To accomplish this answer the following questions thoroughly and with detailed examples and explanations.

4.1-Relevance and Significance of content
● What is the thesis, major claim and conclusion presented in the article
● Why did you select the article as significant and related to this literature review? Provide a detailed explanation with examples.
● How does it relate to the topic of interest for the course and your chosen domain?

4.2-What is your argument for why this article is trustworthy and of quality? Provide detailed explanations.
● What is the reputation of the author? Be sure to explain the credentials of each author in relation to the topic of research and their expertise. Explain the training and record of accomplishment of the authors and how that is relevant to the subject being examined?
What is your analysis of the reputation and quality of the publication?
● How many sources were cited and how many times was this source itself cited?

  • What are the limits, possible bias and other issues of objectivity or applicability for the source and its content?

NOTE: Do not just select random articles to arrive at the total of seven. All the scholarly articles should fit together and lead to the conclusion of the value of the work to a common theme demonstrating yru expertise in communicating about this topic.

  1. Conclusion
    Finally, the essay should conclude with your own opinion about the topic explored and the value of the theme you identified in the literature. This should highlight the results of the analysis (research debates, consensus, gaps in knowledge, etc.). This analysis should be the basis for the claim of a major focus at the start of the essay in your thesis statement. Be sure to make a convincing argument in your conclusion so that there is a clear take-away about your findings from the research you explored.
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