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Choose to evaluate or ask questions about his evidence-Choose to apply some of the cognitive concepts we’ve discussed in a previous lecture

Week work

  1. The goal of this DQ is to use your growing critical thinking skills to evaluate a conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theories are a growing phenomenon, encouraged by social media and increasingly partisan politics, and therefore it is important for us to develop skills to evaluate their rationality and plausibility.
  • Watch the following video on Youtube, starting at time point 56:00 minutes. Watch about five minutes of it (although you can watch more and might find it difficult to stop watching!).
    Joe Rogan Experience #1255 – Alex Jones Returns!
  • Put on your critical thinking hat and post 2 questions or comments you have about Alex Jones’ claims, and explain each in depth. You may choose to evaluate or ask questions about his evidence. You may choose to apply some of the cognitive concepts we’ve discussed in a previous lecture. Make sure your reflection on this video is thoughtful and critical, rather than just an emotional or knee-jerk reaction to things that he has said. Use list format number each of your two points for clarity.
  1. Write in your own words the Cognitive, Behavioral, Affective symptoms, any cultural factors and what you believe the diagnosis to be and why.

You will write this in sentence/paragraph form

  • https://www.studypool.com/questions/download?id=2826961&path=uploads/questions/1214177/202304281724448c520e08afc8517e41ca9032a4da8163.pdf&fileDownloadName=attachment_1


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