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What opportunity, problem, or issue is your site addressing?-What type of content might be included in your site?

ITEC 2380 – Web Development

Final Project

Each person has to upload the project to the Internet and D2L.  Required components of the Project include:

  • Find appropriate topics or cases for your final project (e.g, School Web Site, Bookstore Web Site, Commercial Web Site, personal/family website, etc.)
  • Documentation about your project in a Word Document
  • A recorded presentation about your project posted to a video hosting site
  • A complete website consisting of at least 6 pages (1 homepage and 5+ content pages) based on your topic, documentation, and presentation
  • Documentation and Source Code should be submitted to the D2L dropbox. The presentation should be posted in the appropriate Discussion topic.

Documentation Requirements

The documentation should be in a report or an essay format, rather than answering questions directly. Consider it documentation you and other developers can use to “get into the mindset” of being a developer in your site.

  1. Wireframe
  2. What is the purpose of the site?
  3. What do you want the web site to accomplish?
  4. Who is your intended audience?
  5. What opportunity, problem, or issue is your site addressing?
  6. What type of content might be included in your site?
  7. List at least two related or similar sites found on the Web.
  8. Document WAVE accessibilty Results (https://wave.webaim.org/)
  9. Document WebFX readabilty Results (https://www.webfx.com/tools/read-able/)
  10. Document PageSpeed Insights optimization results (https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/)
  11. A documentation of your usability test results with real people.
    • 2-3 people are sufficient.
    • General people know how to use your website.
    • General people understand the purpose of your website.
    • General people can find information they want.
    • Each time when you receive feedback, you improve your website based on the feedback.
    • Document the process of how you enhanced your website using feedback.
  12.  What is the ‘next step’ to further developing this solution?  E.g. Future Planned Activities


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