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Describe the strengths and weaknesses of these data sources that should be considered.

Selecting Tools and Data Sources in CQI (125 points)

You are the manager of the surgical services department at the local hospital. You have determined that a process requirement is not aligned with process performance and that a performance improvement project is needed. Apply what you have learned in this module to the development of your quality improvement project.

For this critical thinking assignment, you will write a paper that includes the following:

Describe the work setting and the problem that you have identified. Explain why this improvement is needed and what impact it has on the healthcare quality. Discuss what key stakeholders will benefit from this improvement.

Determine the data sources that will be used. Explain why you selected these data sources. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of these data sources that should be considered. Discuss sampling considerations in your chosen data collection approach.

Discuss variations in measurement that may occur. Distinguish between common and special cause variation and how it applies to your quality improvement project.

Describe the tool(s) selected. Briefly describe the tool(s) and explain why you selected it. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the selected tool(s) and provide an alternative tool that one may consider using and explain why it is appropriate.

Enter your data points into the selected tool and include it in your paper. Provide an analysis of the data and what the results mean in relation to the process you are working to improve in your surgical services department.


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