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What is the rationale for having a separate “juvenile” criminal justice system?

Jurisprudence LAW 301

DB-Question is:

1 – Just because someone who is a juvenile in age does not mean they don’t or can’t commit a truly heinous crime, including murder.

Using a theoretical approach, we learned this semester state why you would agree or disagree with a juvenile receiving Life Without Parole. [Assume the worst crime possible and guilty is 100%].

2 – How does television affect our perceptions of crime?

3 – List a popular belief held by the public related to criminal justice that is a “Myth”. Explain why it is a “Myth” and the impact the “Myth” might have.

4 –What is the rationale for having a separate “juvenile” criminal justice system?

5 – How are crime control policies negatively affected by crime myths?

6 – What is the difference between Rehabilitation and Habilitation?

7 – Various sources of media including social media influence our daily lives and perspectives. News media often report on crimes locally, nationally and internationally. These types of stories get headlines because it draws attention and people watch. Often what the media reports is distorted or biased toward a particular viewpoint that the moderator has.

Does the media have a duty to report stories in a particular way? If so what and why? Give examples.


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