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What are the 5 – 7 most important ideas, concepts, or “words of wisdom” in the chapter?


For your final project, you will create and present a PowerPoint presentation (via Youtube or Loom) on one chapter in the textbook. You may choose from any of the chapter. Submissions will be uploaded via CANVAS. Regarding your recordings please aim for a 10-minute presentation.

The goals of the project are two-fold: (1) to demonstrate that you have mastered the material in your chapter and (2) to teach the chapter to the online cohort. Thus, you should not simply “cut and paste” from your book. Although I understand that you might want to quote important passages, for the most part you should present the ideas in the chapter in your own words because this is how you demonstrate to me that you have mastered the material. When working on your project, assume that nobody else in the class, including me, has read it. This will prevent you from skipping or skimming over important material.


Video Recording:

At the end of this document you will find some helpful tips to recording your PowerPoint. Reminder, at the end of your presentation have a slide designated to the URL link so that you can go to directly to your recording via Youtube or LOOM. Make sure to check out your link as well before submission. There will be additional resources uploaded onto CANVAS as well.

If there are issues as you complete  this assignment let me know.

PowerPoint Content:

  • Title slide(s)
    • Chapter number
    • Chapter name
    • Course information
      • Name of course
      • Semester
    • Name
  • Chapter Summary and Relationship to Student Success
    • Without going into much detail (you’ll do that in the next section), tell us what your chapter is about.
    • Also, explain to us how the chapter is related to student success. In other words, tell us why this chapter is in the book.
  • 5 – 7 Main Ideas
    • What are the 5 – 7 most important ideas, concepts, or “words of wisdom” in the chapter?
      • you suggest having one slide that lists all of the main ideas, followed by different slides for each of the main ideas.
    • This is the most important part of your presentation! It is where you are expected to teach the class the content of your chapter. Be advised that your presentation should clearly explain each of the main ideas in excruciating
      • If you quote the textbook, be sure to explain what the author is saying in your own words.
      • If you use a diagram, graph, or table from the textbook, make sure you explain what it means.
    • Chapter Critique
      • Did you find anything wrong with the chapter? For instance:
        • Did you disagree with any of the ideas presented?
        • Did you think that any of the ideas were not fully explained?
        • If you were the editor, is there any content that you would take out? Why? Would you put something else in its place? If so, what?
        • Do you have any suggestions for improving the chapter?


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