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Explain the interdisciplinary concepts, theories, and trends in ES and their role in supporting business operations.

Operating Systems

Annual Report

FY [Year]

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Integrated Enterprise Systems

IT 402

Description and Instructions

Case Study Objective:

This case study is an opportunity for you to practice your knowledge and to develop skills of working in teams.

  • Group Size = 3-4 Members.
  • One group member (group leader/coordinator) should submit all files: Project Report and Presentation Slides on blackboard.
  • Marks will be given based on your submission and quality of the contents.


Project Report

  • Each Project Report will be evaluated according to the marking criteria mentioned in each question section.



  • Students (Group) need to present their projects (either F2F or Virtual) in week#11. (Considered as last week before the final review)
  • Presentation schedule with date and allocated timing will be shared with the students via Blackboard before the end of Week #10.



  • Introduction:

Gold pizza is a Pizza restaurant established in 2000. The pizza restaurant uses food ingredients, including meat, vegetables, and seafood, which meet the set standards. It is a small restaurant owned by two people. One of them was responsible for buying goods and bringing them to the restaurant two times a day: every morning and late afternoon. The other owner manages the restaurant activities and organizes shifts for employees. Because the restaurant is open 24 hours, seven days a week, with three shifts, they employ well-experienced employees on each shift. The restaurant has three chefs for making the dough of pizza and sauce, three well-trained employees for preparing and putting the ingredients in the pizza, and three well-trained employees for cooking the pizza and controlling the oven heat. The owners work in this restaurant with other employees to help them.

  • Business process: (The order process )

The process starts by welcoming the customer and giving them the menu. The customer looks into the menu and then places their order. The cashier writes down the order on a separate paper for each customer, calculates the prices, and then asks the customer to pay (3 minutes).  After getting the payment, the cashier handed the paper of each order to the second employee. The second employee then starts pizza preparation based on the order (the restaurant has two bases of dough: the thin dough and the thick dough) (4 minutes). The next employee is responsible for filling the pizza with the ingredients based on each customer’s order (2 minutes). The next employee takes the pizza, puts it into the oven until it is ready, and then gets it back (3 minutes for thin dough base and 5 minutes for thick dough base). The last employee cuts the pizza and packages it, then hands it to the customer (2 minutes).

  • The current situation:

The restaurant starts to get a lot of orders that are over its capacity due to its reputation. It usually gets around 25 orders from persons coming to their restaurant in each hour. Each order – on average – includes 4 Pizza of different bases and ingredients. However, the restaurant lost a couple of its experienced employees responsible for preparing and cooking pizzas.

  • The Issues:

The Gold pizza restaurant was very successful and had many customers and significant revenue. However, the restaurant starts to lose many of its loyal customers and receives a considerable number of complaints. The managers started to investigate the complaints they received. They also contacted their loyal customers to understand the different issues more clearly. After this deep investigation, they categorized the issues into the following categories:

  • Some of the pizza’s bases and ingredients are unavailable in the early afternoon or late night.
  • The waiting time becomes unacceptable to customers.
  • The quantity of ingredients is not always the same which affecting the taste of the pizza.
  • The thick dough base of pizza is sometimes undercooked.
  • The customers sometimes get some of their pizza cold.
  • The customers sometimes get the wrong order.


Note: the above mentioned case study is just an example; students are supposed to find a separate case study for any area of manufacturing, business, market, etc.

4 Marks


Explain the interdisciplinary concepts, theories, and trends in ES and their role in supporting business operations.

Question One

  • Your first task is to select a case study (from the real world, using the internet, or any resource). It can be related to enterprise systems, an organization/store, or any relevant topic.


  • After selecting the case study, describe it in your own words using the following points.
  • Clear headline (introduction):It should give the most important information that describes the case study.
  • Business process:describe in detail the activity, how the business process is done, and the main Input and Output. (If there are many business processes, select one with issues)
  • The current situation:It describes the current situation based on the business process. By providing the main points, including the client’s name/industry, the product/service used, and quick result stats.
  • The Issues: State the problem/issues, consequences, and any hesitations in the business process.


  • Selection of relevant case study and introduction.   [1 Marks]
  • Describing it using the business process, current situation, and issues   [3 Marks]
3 Marks


Design ES architectural models for various business processes.

Question Two

  • Model (As-Is) process using BPMN 2.0 using any tool such as Visio. (1 mark)


  • Then analyze As-Is process from at least two (2 mark)

For example, if quality and time perspectives are taken then mention at least 1 issue related to quality and 1 issue related to time in the process


As-Is Process Model:                                                                    

See Appendix 1 for As-Is process model example.


3 Marks


Discuss the issues and challenges associated with implementing ES and their impacts on corporate enterprises.

Question Three

  • Propose at least two ideas for improving process of your selected case study from any perspectives: for example: (a) equipment perspective, (b) employees perspective, (c) IT & IS technologies perspective, etc.


  • Also explain how your suggestions will solve business process issues?




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