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How would you solve this problem?-What types of leadership theories would you incorporate into your plan?


Balancing the focus between productivity and relationships: You are a top-level nursing administrator in a large, urban medical center in California. As in many acute care hospitals, your annual turnover rate is more than 15%. At this point, you have many unfilled licensed nursing positions, and local recruitment efforts to fill these positions have been largely unsuccessful.During a meeting with the CEO today you are informed that the hospital in 3 months. The CEO states that you must reduce turnover or increase recruitment efforts immediately or the hospital will have to consider closing units or reducing available beds when the new ratios take effect.

  1. How would you solve this problem?
  2. What types of leadership theories would you incorporate into your plan?
  3. What types of “rewards” would you offer that would incentivize nurses to join your hospital and also stay at your hospital. Would you consider any other types of rewards other than monetary rewards? Why or why not? (Justify all answers with EBP rationales)


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