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Describe what they are, how are they obtained, and what impacts does obtaining them have on human and environmental health.

Writing Assignment Instructions The objective of these assignments is for you to explore how geological factors impact society and how we in turn affect the environment around us.  You will be investigating the environmental geology of Los Angeles, and will be writing a complete report, split into three separate assignments.  In the first paper, you […]

Why does the annual temperature range increase as the latitude increases?

ASSIGNMENT Why does the annual temperature range increase as the latitude increases? Although this situation is not always true, the three climographs show decreasing precipitation with latitude. Why is there potential for greater precipitation at lower latitudes? Land heats and cools more rapidly than water. Therefore. seasonal temperature variation is moderated at locations influenced by […]

Create a brochure to inform people about the country you choose. This should be 10-12 slides of a PowerPoint.

Geology PowerPoint presentation on Yemen Choose one nation-state anywhere in the world, even one that we didn’t go over in class.  Any country will do, but you can’t use the U.S. You will create a brochure to inform people about the country you choose. This should be 10-12 slides of a PowerPoint.  

Is the site owned publicly (like by a city government or park service) or privately? Who owns it?

Parks and Preservation: Oceania Search online for a preservation area, historic place, or national park in the region of Oceania. These could be historic public buildings, national parks, wildlife preserves, museums, monuments, memorials, tourist destinations, etc. Use the park/museum/reserve’s OFFICIAL website (not a trip advisor page or something) to answer the questions below. Try to […]

Discuss the various ways that water is not sustainably used in our individual homes, agriculture, and in business in America, and some ideas in how we can resolve that to make our water use more sustainable across these areas”

Sustainability Paper Sustainability is the process of living within the limits of available physical, natural and social resources in ways that allow the living systems in which humans are embedded to thrive in perpetuity. how to complete paper: • Cover Page: Give the name of your paper, your name, the date and course this is. […]

Explain how the percentage of silica in magma increases during crystallization despite the fact that silicate minerals are being removed throughout the crystallization process.

Fractional Crystallization of Magma Objective In this exercise, you will gain an understanding of magmatic differentiation by fractional crystallization using a model magma chamber. The activity was adapted from materials developed by Dr. Karl Wirth at Macalester College (http://www.macalester.edu/geology/wirth/CourseMaterials.html) Introduction In lecture you learned about the importance of fractionation in generating the diversity of observed […]

Describe your location. Use latitude and longitude, along with the city and state. It is best to pick a house or at least a neighborhood in a city to be able to answer some of the questions, like the flood and mass wasting questions.

Environmental Geology: Summative Project The purpose of this project is for you to apply what you have learned in this class.  You will be researching a location and determining the interaction of humans and the environment.  You may choose the location where you intend to live in the future (your dream location or somewhere you […]

Is it possible that a flood with a similar discharge to that of the event from 2/27/2019 could happen again in the next 10 years?

ASSIGNMENT Mass Wasting, Streams, and Floods Learning Objectives: Obtain and analyze peak stream-flow data from the United States Geological Survey Calculate Recurrence Intervals for different peak stream-flows over time Points: 32 points total. Flood Stage and Flooding Flooding is a common and a serious problem on and along our nation’s waterways. Flood stage is reached […]

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