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Identify several important places where the “game” and “city” narratives are juxtaposed, and explain the effect of these counterpoints.

1.McPhee’s counterpoint style in “Marvin Gardens” has been described as resembling a ladder, with the two parallel narratives of the Monopoly tournament and the exploration of the impoverished state of the real Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1972, connecting conceptually at several important points. Identify several important places where the “game” and “city” narratives are […]

Examine the structure of the casino industry. What has been the effect of the changing industry structure on U.S. casinos?Analyzing the External Environment of the impacting the industry?

Examine industry dynamics and how the structure of the casino industry has implications for competition.See the table below to determine key concepts of this case:Chapter UseKey ConceptsAdditional Readings2: External EnvironmentPorter’s five forces modelStrategic groupsNOTE: Additional reading Baruch Business Library-The current state of the industry.Case Synopsis For well over fifty years the casino business has been […]

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