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What are the similarity and difference between FCC and HCP crystal structures?

Chemistry Materials Science HW of ETM 307 Chapter 4 of ETM307: Crystal Structure 80 points in total 1. What are crystalline materials? What are non-crystalline materials (5 points) 2. What is allotropic? What is polymorphic? (5 points) 3. What are unit cell, lattice constant and the number of atoms per unit cell? What is the […]

In the “Alloys: The Copper, ‘Silver’ and ‘Gold’ Penny Experiment,” the color of a penny changes to silver when it’s dropped into a hot solution of NaOH and zinc powder. What is the reason for the color change?

1. Which piece of equipment would be BEST to measure 5 mL of a liquid? a) A disposable dropper b) A 50 mL Beaker filled halfway between the 0 and 10 mL markings c) A 100 mL Graduated cylinder d) A 50 mL Erlenmeyer flask filled halfway between the 0 and 10 mL markings e) […]

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