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What must the auditor document in the working papers related to this brainstorming session?

During audit planning, an auditor obtained the following information: 1. Significant operations are located and conducted across international borders in jurisdictions where differing business environments and cultures exist.2. There are recurring attempts by management to justify marginal or inappropriate accounting on the basis of materiality.3. The company’s controller works very hard, including evenings and weekends, […]

Evaluate and discuss whether sufficient audit work has been done with regard to McMullan’s Montreal contract. If not, what more should be done?

CASE Winston Black was an audit partner in the firm of Henson, Davis & Company. He was in the process of reviewing the audit files for the audit of a new cli- ent, McMullan Resources. McMullan was in the business of heavy construction. Black was conducting his first review after the audit was substantially complete. […]

What are the three conditions that require a departure from an unmodified opinion audit report? Give an example of each.

INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTING AND AUDITING STANDARDS 1.What are the three conditions that require a departure from an unmodified opinionaudit report? Give an example of each. 2. What are the three alternative opinions that may be appropriate when the client’sfinancial statements are not in accordance with GAAP? Under what circumstance is eachappropriate

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