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Describe the steps taken in conducting a psychological autopsy, including examples of the types of data and information you would be collecting about the deceased from family members and friends.

Psychology Scenario: As a police psychologist, you are part of an investigation into the homicide of a high profile community member, the mayor. The information you received from the department is that the victim was found with a single gunshot wound to the head. He was last seen with another notable figure at a nearby […]

Describe an event or instance when one of these tools is the superior counter measure.

Read the article, 21 Best Free Digital Forensic Investigation Tools, which briefly describes many of the tools. Select two forensic investigator tools from the list below: Autopsy. Magnet Encrypted Disk Detector. Wireshark. Magnet RAM Capture. Network Miner. NMAP. RAM Capturer. FAW Forensics Acquisition of Websites (This is a tool to acquire Web pages for forensic […]

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