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Distinguish between disease management (DM) and case management.

-Differentiate three basic components of utilization management as depicted in Figure 5.1 in Chapter 5 of your textbook. -Explain the importance of drug utilization review and step therapy. -Distinguish between disease management (DM) and case management. -Examine a successful DM program (e.g., Aetna Health Connections disease management program) from real-life provided by an employer, hospital, […]

In what ways are malaria and yellow fever similar? What is generally considered the beginning of the modern era of Tuberculosis control?

Coronavirus (cold virus) Unseen Enemies (Links to an external site.) – Video https://emu.kanopy.com/video/unseen-enemies-0 1) Take one of the following infections through application of the epidemiologic triangle (agent-host-environment-[time-vector if applicable]) and describe three ways it can be prevented. Coronavirus (cold virus) Syphilis (bacterial STD) Giardia (parasite infection) Dengue (vector borne) Histoplasmosis (fungal) 2) Take one of […]

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