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Explain how you can graphically determine length of a pendulum using Period2 vs. 1/ g graph?

PHYSICS Time Period of a Simple Pendulum Link for online lab: https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/pendulum-lab PROCEDURE: Click on the Intro window. Click on Stopwatch. Make sure that speed is set to Normal (radio button) and Friction (slider) is set to None. Throughout the experiment, do not increase the Amplitude beyond 30 degrees. Choose Earth in Gravity window for […]

Does the force of kinetic friction depend on the weight of the block? Explain.

Physics Still using the force vs. time graph you created in Part I, compare the force necessary to keep the block sliding compared to the force necessary to start the slide. How does your answer compare to your answer to Preliminary Question 3? The coefficient of friction is a constant that relates the normal force […]

research on Friction in Forging Dies, focus on the electrical part of it, like what sensor we can use and why

Friction in Forging Dies In this proposal need to research on Friction in Forging Dies, need to focus on the electrical part of it, like what sensor we can use and why. Will the sensor be in use while the billet is being forged, and if machines calculate score not on how hard you hit […]

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