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Describe why your program is necessary and appropriate for the chosen group. Explain the expected outcome(s) from your program and at least one method you will use to assess the outcome(s).

Adoption is what I want this done on and with a powerpoint. For this interactive assignment, you will create a presentation of up to 7-10 minutes in length. You may use any screen-casting and/or presentation software you choose . Quick-Start Guides are available for Prezi Download Prezi, Screencast-O-Matic , and Thinglink Download Thinglinkfor your convenience.) […]

What is your forecast of sales for FYE 2013 for each of these categories? How would you use these forecasts as compared to actual FYE 2013 amounts as asserted by management?

Sort the file from largest to smallest Sales revenue. Determine a lower bound for the upper stratum. Defend your choice. Assume that the ABC Company‚Äôs FYE is 12/31/12. Check for appropriate sales cutoff. Identify any potential errors in sales revenue. Use Tableau to determine the market segment of sales by product category and consumer market […]

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