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Discuss at least two theories/approaches and two therapeutic techniques representative of each of the four theoretical frameworks.

Powerpoint Presentation Create a 15-20-slide PowerPoint presentation that provides an overview of each major theoretical branch of counseling and approaches within those branches. Use the following guidelines to complete your presentation: Include a title, introduction, conclusion, and reference slide. (4 slides minimum) Provide an overview of each theoretical framework: psychodynamic, existential-humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, and postmodern. Ensure […]

What is Gestalt Therapy?Explain

1) What is Gestalt Therapy? This show explain the history of who founded it, date and general history of its importance. The question 2 is about Philosophy & Goals of Gestalt Therapy, what it aims to accomplish, this should be general discussion so it doesn’t need to talk about PSTD entirely but include something about […]

Discuss how these factors can bring about challenges when using Gestalt methods within a school counseling session.

Gestalt methods Gestalt methods can lead to a high level of intense feelings as individuals are encouraged to bring their emotions, and not just discuss them, into session so that they can be processed with the counselor. Additionally, Gestalt Therapy often requires time in order for individuals to explore feelings. \ • Discuss how these […]

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