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Examine a patient centered protocol/policy at the facility where you practice that incorporates evidence-based practice and possibly a theoretical framework (theory of nursing).

The purpose of Module C-Part II is to allow students an opportunity to assess an existing hospital or clinical policy/protocol by using an existing nursing theory. This short assignment is completed using the Module C Part II template with an emphasis of incorporating nursing theory into protocols/policies existing within facilities. Evaluate a patient-centered clinical protocol […]

Identify and discuss an overall ethical framework that will direct your Advanced Nursing Practice. Describe at least 2 ethical principles upheld in your chosen Ethical framework.

– Introduce the theoretical and ethical basis of advanced nursing practice in one paragraph. – Conclude the introductory paragraph with a direct thesis statement that informs the reader of your purpose or primary objective of the paper. – Briefly introduce your chosen POI which is (preventing CLABSIs) as the basis for discussion. – Include a […]

Identify the concept in Watson’s Theory of Caring that could represent or include the outcome. Identify a practice that can be changed or implemented that may influence the outcome.

Identify an outcome of nursing practice in your area of practice that can be improved. For example, if you work in home health, you may identify that throw rug use by fall risk patients is too prevalent. You may be able to use the problem that inspired the theory concepts that you developed in week […]

Describe the therapeutic approach his therapist selected. Would you use exposure therapy with Mr. Levy? Why or why not? What evidence exists to support the use of exposure therapy (or the therapeutic approach you would consider if you disagree with exposure therapy)?

Addictive disorders can be particularly challenging for clients. Not only do these disorders typically interfere with a client’s ability to function in daily life, but they also often manifest as negative and sometimes criminal behaviors. Sometime clients with addictive disorders also suffer from other mental health issues, creating even greater struggles for them to overcome. […]

Conduct a critical appraisal of the four peer-reviewed articles you selected by completing the Evaluation Table within the Critical Appraisal Tool Worksheet Template.

Review and use the study and work the essay in the attached word document for part A. the part A is a table please work single space 6 pages Conduct a critical appraisal of the four peer-reviewed articles you selected by completing the Evaluation Table within the Critical Appraisal Tool Worksheet Template. Choose a total […]

Develop a personal nursing specific philosophical statement incorporating your personal thoughts, and beliefs about nursing to improve patient outcomes.

Students will develop a personal philosophical statement, create a mind map, and select a nursing theorist/theory that is compatible with their individual nursing practice. Students will write a 3-4 page scholarly paper that includes a)) how their personal philosophical statement is compatible with their one chosen theory; b) how they envision using their selected theory/philosophical […]

What did you learn from the article as you enter the nursing pro.What was the hypothesis or hypotheses tested?

From the chapters review on this unit, go to the epcc library website Find an article from a peer-reviewed journal related to one of the classifications for these chapters that is within 5 years of current year. For example: antidepressants, opiods, antiepileptic, etc. Answer the following questions on the link provided below (make sure you […]

Provide recommendations that are supported by the research literature for clinical decisions systems that may potentially explain why the healthcare organizations are performing well.

SCENARIO: The administrator for your healthcare organization is asking nurse leaders to understand how quality of care is measured as well as determine what each nurse can do to make an impact on areas that need improvement in healthcare organizations. Each nurse leader is asked to gather pertinent data from two organizations and to compare […]

Briefly summarize the three practices and the benefit to both patient health and hospital operation

Define and research the frequency of HAI’s. Create a proposal to a hypothetical hospital administrative board that outlines three practices that minimize microbial growth, which then minimizes the occurrence of HAI’s. Your proposal should be crafted into a word document following the expectations below. Practice 1 (Describe how the method limits microbial growth, particular microbes […]

Describe the trend that is shown in the data for Hospital C from 2017 to 2018. What one indicator’s data might have had an impact on this trend?

A. Which hospital needs the most improvement in RN staffing? Hospital A B. Which hospital needs the most improvement with the 3 nosocomial infections? Hospital A 2. For Table 3: A. Which hospital’s data showed the greatest improvement in its indicators overall from 2017 to 2018 survey? Hospital C B. Describe the trend in data […]

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