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Discuss 2 that you plan to implement on the “Research Plan” grid. And, discuss the outcomes of your data collection on the “Data Collected” grid featured below.

Ethnographic Fieldwork Assignment Goal:  To collect two (2) forms of ethnographic data for your final project. For your final project, you are required to collect a minimum of two different types of data.  You are welcome to collect more, if you have time and if you think it will be helpful to your project. In […]

What are other ways you can strengthen the results of the study?How would you include this as part of your methodological approach?

This is the questions asked from the teacher based on the discussion post that was provided . Semi-structured interviews are a great way to acquire respondents’ experiences to develop an in-depth understanding of your concept. 1.What are other ways you can strengthen the results of the study? Consider reviewing the triangulation method. 2. How would […]

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