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Examine the estimate for the Allowance for Doubtful Accounts recorded in the prior-year audited financial statements.

TASK The following audit procedures are included in the audit program of Holland Equipment, Inc.1. Use audit software to examine journal entries in the sales, cash receipts, purchases,cash disbursements, payroll, and general journals for any amounts exceeding $1 mil-lion and for any entries with unusual account codings. Review related supportingdocumentation for reasonableness.2. Examine the estimate […]

What is the auditor’s responsibility for discovering this type of embezzlement?-What evidence can the auditor use to uncover the fraud?

TASK Each year near the balance sheet date, when the president of Bargon Construction, Inc., takes a 3-week vacation to Hawaii, she signs several checks to  pay major bills during the period she is absent. Jack Morgan, head bookkeeper for the company, uses this practice to his advantage. Morgan makes out a check to himself […]

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