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Explore the information provided by CDC, WHO and literary sources for a total of at least 5 ressources.

Explore the information provided by CDC, WHO and literary sources for a total of at least 5 ressources. The term paper should include the summary of the research and provide the web sites and references utilized for the research. The term paper must be typed with 1 margins, double spacing and 12 point Times Roman […]

Describe the communicable disease, incidence world-wide and in your community (go to your county’s public health website and research incidence of diseases), agent characteristics, environmental characteristics, signs and symptoms, treatment, and as a public/community health nurse how would you educate the public about this disease.

Select a communicable disease to write about. Choose something new to you so it is a learning environment. Research the disease from readings located through the Library and from public health websites like the CDC, Healthy People 2020, and/or WHO (the point is to use reputable resources). Describe the communicable disease, incidence world-wide and in […]

What factors come into play in the spread of these diseases? And what can we do to counter them?

Human and animal diseases are often caused by viruses or bacteria. Over the past two hundred years, vaccines have eradicated some of these diseases. Others have returned to haunt humans with new and ever mutating strains or revived when vaccination programs were interrupted. Communicable diseases may spread in different ways: through blood, air, feces/urine, food, […]

Explain how England and Wales sub-national population estimates are derived. Your answer should include reference to the original sources, not the NOMIS website.

1. National population structure (age should be grouped into 5 year age groups) Present a population pyramid, dependency ratios and age-specific sex ratios for GERMANY (using data for 2021 sourced from the International Population Database). Outputs should be fully labelled with notes provided to explain definitions and sources where appropriate. (15 points) USE WEBSITE to […]

Briefly discuss an example of the cost-benefit analysis and/or cost-effective analysis method to prevent the disease in your study population.

Now that you have selected your concentration (i.e., Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Health Policy and Management, or Environmental Health) using Healthy People 2030  in which you will be considered the “expert” in that concentration area. Each expert will provide a thorough analysis of their public health topic. For this assignment, you will be […]

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